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News and Information for and about Lefthanded People

The Causes and Consequences of Being Lefthanded

What science knows, and doesn't know about lefthandedness

The Education of Lefthanded Children

Why Do Lefthanded Children Still Have Difficulty In School​?

Lefthanded Golf                      Lefthanded Tennis                      Lefthanded Bowling 

The Pandemic has changed the way we watch and play sports, 

Read about the most famous and successful athletes in professional sports,
and learn why many other lefthanders have difficulty learning to play sports.

Lefthanders Newsletter - Spring 2021

Lefthander of the Year - Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney might also be our Lefthander of the Decade,

and he is one of the most influential lefthanded people of all time.

Lefthanded Products

Practical Products are designed to fit comfortably and work properly in the left hand
Novelty Items are printed with slogans intended to create awareness and lefty pride 
Learn about the lefthanded products that are available, and find current sources for them

​​The History and Mythology of Lefthandedness

How Various Societies Have Looked Upon and Treated Lefthanded People

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