Real Famous Lefthanded People

We know that Ned Flanders is just a cartoon character and not a real life person, but he is the only character on television that has ever owned and operated a store for left-handers.

 As the story goes, Ned Flanders invests his life savings into The Leftorium, a store in the Springfield Mall that sells left-handed productsl.  For quite some time, very few people knew about the store and very few people came into the store and bought anything.  It didn’t help anything that Homer ridiculed Ned for his efforts,  and since he was mad at Ned at the time, he secretly wished for the store to fail and for Ned to lose everything.

Then Homer felt bad for his friend and neighbor and launched a campaign to tell everyone in Springfield about the shop and to get them to go into the store and buy things so Ned could stay in business.

Taking place in the early 1990’s, this episode was very timely because it followed a period when there were dozens of stores for left-handers around the country in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and except for a select few in high volume tourist locations, they all suffered the same fate  and went out of business because they didn’t have anyone like Homer to come to their rescue.

Luckily the internet has now made it possible for people to find the mail order businesses that sell left-handed products, although that will never be the same as the thrill a left-hander would get from walking  into one of these stores and picking up left-handed products to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.


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