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News and Information for and about Lefthanded People

As the longtime bias against lefthanded people gradually diminished through the 20th century, each decade brought more acceptance of lefthanders.  More lefthanded children were able to grow up without being forced to become right-handed, and more lefthanders were found in every segment of the population, including our most famous and visible citizens.

During the latter part of the 20th century, lists of famous lefthanded people began to appear, including famous lefthanded actors, artists, athletes, comedians, musicians, talk show hosts, politicians and historical figures.  These lists were often used to create lefty pride and inspire other lefthanders to reach for fame and fortune, but sometimes they were used to try to create speculation that lefthanded people were superior to righthanded people. 

While these lists of famous lefthanded people have some value, we think they are over-rated, and we think of of them as lists of "famous people who happen to be lefthanded".  We would rather focus on “Real Famous Lefthanded People”. This includes lefthanded athletes, artists, or musicians, whose fame resulted from the use of their left hands, and actors who have played lefthanded athletes or gunslingers on screen or stage. 

As for all those other "famous people who happen to be lefthanded", we would love to hear from them or hear them speak out about being lefthanded.  Then we would be happy to write about them and add them to our list of Real Famous Lefthanded People.

Other Famous Lefthanded People