News and Information for and about Lefthanded People

M.C. Escher     Hans Holbein
Paul Klee     Leonardo da Vinci     Michelangelo
Pablo Picasso     Raphael

These lefthanded artists have been a source of pride for lefthanders
as they prove the great talent and creativity of lefthanded people.  

If somebody created a list of the 100 most famous artists, 
would anybody else make the list besides these 7...
and is 7 out of 100 really something to brag about.

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Ludwig van Bethoven
David Bowie
Kurt Cobain
Joe Cocker
Natalie Cole
Phil Collins
Elvis Costello
Billy Ray Cyrus
Dick Dale
Glenn Frey
Lady Gaga
Cyrstal Gayle
Bob Geldof
Issac Hayes

Jimi Hendrix
Faith Hill
Albert King
Annie Lennox
Chuck Mangione
Wynton Marsalis
Ricky Martin
Martina McBride
Paul McCartney
George Michael
Iggy Pop
Joe Perry
Cole Porter
Ringo Starr
Michael Stripe


Famous Lefthanded ​Artists & Musicians

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