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The COVID World of Sports

The Pandemic has changed the way we watch and play sports

​​Lefthanders Not In Sports

Read about all the reasons why more lefthanders don't play sports

We have so much to report about baseball it requires a separate website to hold it all

Lefthanders In Other Sports

Read about Sports Where Lefthanders Have An Advantage Over Righthanders,
and Sports Where Lefthanders Have A Disadvantage Against Righthanders

Lefthanded Tennis Players

Follow Lefthanded Tennis Players in the 2021 ATP and WTA Tour season,
Read about the All-Time Best Mens and Womens Lefthanded Tennis Players,
and Why More Lefthanders Don't Play Tennis

and now to your favorite sports and your favorite lefthanders in those sports...

but there are a few articles here that are about the whole world of sports,

not any particular sport, and they are hosted on this current events newsletter

Lefthanded Golfers

Read about the All-Time Greatest Lefthanded Golfers,
plus all the others who have won PGA Tour or LPGA Tour events,
and Why More Lefthanded People Don't Play Golf

​​Lefthanders Not In Sports

Read about all the reasons why more lefthanders don't play sports

Lefthanded Quarterbacks

Read about the All-Time Greatest Lefthanded Quarterbacks,
plus all the other lefthanded starting Quarterback in the NFL,
and Why There Aren't More Lefthanders Playing Quarterback

Lefthanded Bowlers

Read about All-Time Greatest Men's and Women's Lefthanded Bowlers,
and the progess of the 2021 PBA and PWBA tour season
and Why More Lefthande People Don't Bowl​

​​Lefthanded Baseball

Read about Lefthanded Batters, Lefthanded Starting Pitchers, Lefthanded Relief Pitchers,

Old-Timers, Modern Era, Recent Greats, Current Best, Lefthanded Hall of Famers,

​Lefthanded Cy Young Winners, Lefthanded MVP Winners, Lefthanded Gold Glove Winners,

Lefthanders Playing The Field, and Why More Lefthanders Don't Play Baseball​

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