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News and Information for and about Lefthanded People

Welcome To The Lefthanders World

Welcome to the Lefthanders Newsletter, a publication for and about lefthanded people, and for parents and teachers of lefthanded children.  This publication will attempt to tell the truth about lefthanders, and explain what life is really like for most lefthanded people living in a right-handed world.   It will try to separate the fact from the fiction, and dispel the myths and misconceptions that have been written, repeated, and accepted as reality.

Unlike other publications or “authorities” on this topic, this newsletter will not claim that lefthanders are doomed to early death, destined to failure, or likely to suffer from every disease, disorder and dysfunctional behavior known to mankind.  We will address the theories that have caused some people to make such claims, and explain how these claims have negated the progress that lefthanders had made through the 20th century, causing some people to return to the primitive practices of trying to make lefthanded children become right-handed.

Neither will we claim that lefthanders are naturally superior to right-handers, and destined to be among the greatest people in the world.  We will acknowledge the great accomplishments of many lefthanded people, and explain how their success proves that lefthanders are capable of almost any endeavor that right-handers are capable of.  We will explain how this theory of “lefthanded superiority” developed as a defense mechanism to claims of inferiority.

This publication will provide a moderate voice and a realistic view of what life is really like for a lefthanded person living in a world built for right-handers.  While it is difficult to stereotype millions of people, we believe that lefthanders are basically equal to right-handers other than having more strength and coordination in our left hand and the left side of our bodies.  While our brains may be wired slightly different from a right-handed person’s brain, these differences are not as great as some “experts” have described them to be.

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