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The English language is very unfair in its portrayal of lefthanded people.  “Right” is the opposite of “Left”, but it is also the opposite of “Wrong”, which leads to the inevitable conclusion that anyone or anything that is not “Right” must be “Wrong”.  And people who are politically liberal or progressive are often referred to as “Left-Wingers” or “Leftists” or “Lefties” or “The Left”, which has added to the confusion and the negative opinion of lefthanded people.

Lefthanded people (regardless of their political views) have often been called “Lefty” or referred to as “Lefties”.  It has been a common and accepted nickname that could be a compliment or an insult, depending on who says it and the tone of voice that they use.  Considering that the only other two reasonably known slang words for a lefthander would be “southpaw” or “port-sider”, “lefty” has generally been the word of choice.

As the divide between opposing political philosophies has grown, the spirit of compromise and friendly disagreement has been replaced by bitterness and hatred, the two sides have resorted to name calling, and the words they are using most often are “Left” and “Right”.  While there are certainly some lefthanded people with liberal political views, there are plenty of lefthanders who lean toward the conservative side, and maybe even a bunch who are libertarian leaning.  To avoid being caught up in the name calling, Please Don’t Call Me “Lefty” Anymore!

Please Don't Call Me "Lefty" Anymore