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Throughout history, in virtually every civilization known to mankind, there has been bias and discrimination against lefthanded people, so much that most children who showed tendencies to use their left hand were forced to become right-handed.  Gradually through the 20th century as our understanding of the human brain increased, the old-fashioned beliefs that lefthanders were defective or sinister people have decreased, and more people came to accept lefthanders as a natural part of our world.

Each decade brought more lefthanded people and more opportunities for them to meet and talk with other lefthanders.  They began to talk about things that could make their lives easier, such as lefthanded scissors, lefthanded school desks, and lefthanded (non-smear) pens and pencils.  They talked about baseball gloves and golf clubs, tools and utensils that fit comfortably and worked better in their left hands, and they talked about instructions that were not backwards to them.

Those conversations eventually had an impact and by the 1960’s and 1970’s some of those products and others became available.  Stores selling products for lefthanders opened in many cities in the United States and around the world.  Unfortunately most of these stores were short-lived, and the products that lefthanded people wanted never made their way into the hands of most of the people who needed them.   

During that time, a small but vocal group of people emerged who wanted a full-fledged “lefthanders revolution” or “equal-rights movement”.  They demanded government protection for lefthanders as a minority group, and for lefthandedness to be recognized as a disability.  They tried to mandate that manufacturers make every possible product in a lefthanded model, and for businesses to be required to hire a certain percentage of lefthanded people.  Some of these people were so radical that they appeared to be seeking revenge and retribution from righthanders for their past actions.

The Lefthanders Newsletter does not support these revolutionary thoughts, and neither do most of the people who support us.  Our efforts are intended to educate and enlighten people about these issues, but we don’t believe that you can legislate or regulate common sense.  We believe in the need for more products for lefthanders, but we don’t believe that we can mandate cooperation from manufacturers.  The only law that can make this happen is the law of supply and demand.

We are working to speed the progress of this evolution by publishing information in our books and our newsletter and on our websites, and by conducting research to learn more about lefthanders.  Forty-million lefthanded Americans are part of a large minority group that deserves some serious attention.  This attention does not need to come from the government, but from parents and teachers and from the free enterprise system. ​


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