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Lefthanded School Desks

Perhaps the greatest injustice against lefthanded students has been forcing them to sit in righthanded school desks.  With no place to rest their left elbow, they are forced to twist and turn into some very awkward positions.  These desks have affected many lefthanders ability to write well, their ability to sit comfortably, and their ability to get better grades.  Some lefthanders have suffered severe discomfort and even damage to their backs, shoulders, elbows, or wrists, as a result of sitting in these desks.

These righthanded school desks have been removed from many elementary schools and replaced by more symmetrical desks or tables.  However, as the more fortunate or affluent schools get rid of these desks, less fortunate schools are stuck with them.  Even if lefthanders don't face these desks in their early school years, they may still face the horror of these desks in their high school and college years.

Many students have complained about these desks, and msome schools have begun to order lefthanded desks and keep some of them in each classroom.  Those that try this never seem to have the right amount of them, because they have never known exactly how any lefthanded students they have.  The majority of schools do not offer any lefthanded desks in their classrooms.