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We occasionally receive calls and letters from left-handed high school students and their parents, asking about scholarships for left-handers.  We would like to clarify the myth that being left-handed is a qualification for college scholarships.

A school called Juniata College, a small liberal arts college in western Pennsylvania, offers a unique scholarship that is awarded each year to one left-handed student.  It is a partial scholarship for an upperclassman who has already made it through their first few years of school on another source of funding.  This scholarship fund was set up by a couple of left-handed alumni of the school, who remembered their frustrations as left-handed students in a right-handed world. 

There is a company the sells a scholarship reference book, a their ads say that “there are thousands of scholarships available, even scholarships for left-handed students”.  Their book mentions the Juniata College Scholarship, but no other scholarships for left-handers.  According to all of our resources and research, there are no other scholarships available specifically for left-handers.

We are glad that this one unique scholarship is available and is listed in this scholarship reference book and other sources that list available scholarships.  However, we are offended that the publisher of this book and other scholarship information services continue to take advantage of left-handed people with their false and misleading advertising.  We are also tired of having to answer questions and deliver the bad news to the many left-handed students whose hopes have been falsely raised.

The good news is that being left-handed does not disqualify someone from receiving a scholarship.  Left-handed high school students are eligible for every scholarship opportunity available to right-handers.