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The most common difficulty facing lefthanded people is learning to write.  The right to left direction of the English language favors righthanders because it is easier to pull a pen across a page than to push one.  Many pens and pencils smear as lefthanders drag their hands across their writing, and spiral notebooks and ring binders often get in their way.  In some classrooms, righthanded school desks force lefthanders to twist and turn their bodies in search of a comfortable posture.

Teaching handwriting to lefthanders is a relatively new concept.  Until recent years, most lefthanded children were forced to write with their right hands.  While most schools today accept lefthanded writing in their classrooms, many teachers do not know how to teach lefthanders to write properly.  There are no standards for teaching handwriting skills to lefthanders.  There is even some disagreement about which direction lefthanders should tilt their paper and how they should grip their pencils.

Many people have joked about how funny lefthanders look when they write, but it is not a laughing matter.  If lefthanded children are not taught to write properly, they will have a more difficult time getting a good education.  They will have trouble taking notes, completing assignments, taking tests, and doing their homework. Without the ability to write properly, they have a difficult time demonstrating their knowledge.

The Education of Lefthanded Children

Lefthanded Handwriting