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The 2021 Professional Womens Bowlers Association Tour 
only 5 of the 88 active bowlers on the tour this year are lefthanded

Amanda Fry, Lindsey Furnas, Tish Johnson, Shannon Pluhowsky and Cherie Tan​

Johnson plays mostly seniors events and is only ceremonially active after a Hall of Fame
career that includes 25 PWBA wins between 1989 and 2002.  Tan has 2 tournament wins
 and Pluhowsy has 1 (plus countless other professional and amateur wins).

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Lefthanded Bowling

The 2021 Professional Bowlers Association Tour
16 of the 79 active bowlers on the tour this year are lefthanded

Gary Faulkner, Jr., Grahan Fach, Jakob Butturff, Jesper Svenson, Kenneth Ryan, Keven Williams,
Matt Russo, Matt Sanders, Matthew McNeil, Michael Martell, Mykel Holliman, Parker Bohn III,
Patrick Hanrahan, Rhino Page, Ryan Ciminelli, and Wesley Low, Jr.

These guys are not just active, they are winning fairly regularly with a total of
96 career wins between them, including 42 by Parker Bohn,
19 by Jakob Butturff, 11 by Ryan Ciminelli, 9 by Jesper Svenson, and 6 by Rhino Page