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This little-known holiday was first declared and celebrated on Friday, August 13, 1976 in Topeka, Kansas, by an organization called Lefthanders International. They intentionally chose to open their business on that day to obtain some recognition and to address the myths and superstitions about lefthandedness and lefthanded people. 

There is a business in England that claims to have founded and invented this holiday in 1992, but their claim is false and they are trying to steal the credit from the founders. 

Lefthanders International made a heroic effort to make life easier for lefthanders and bring attention to the issues that affected lefthanded people.  While the Lefthanders Magazine they published went out of business in 1986, they still deserve credit as one of the early leaders in the Lefthanders Awareness Movement.

August 13th, 2018 will be the 43rd Annual International Lefthanders Day.

International Lefthanders Day

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the intent and purpose of the holiday

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