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Lefthanded Golf - The 2018 PGA Tour Season

The 2017-18 PGA Tour Season has been a very good year for lefthanded golfers, as they have accumulated five victories in the fifty-three tournaments held this season.

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Bubba Watson lead the way with three tournament victories and six other times in the top ten, out of twenty-four events played.  He is the sixth leading money winner for the year.  For his career, he has twelve tournament wins, including the 2012 and 2014 Masters Tournament, sixty-two times in the top ten, and he is fifteenth on the all-time leading money winners list.

Phil Mickelson has one tour victory and six other times in the top ten out of twenty-four events played, and he is the thirteenth leading money winner for the year.  For his career, he has forty-three tour wins, including the Masters Tournament in 2004, 2006, and 2010, The British Open in 2013, and the PGA Championship in 2005.  He is second on the all-time money winners list.

Ted Potter Jr. also had one tournament victory so far this year, and ranks fifty-eighth on the money winners list.  He has one previous win on the PGA tour, that coming in 2012, but has otherwise struggled on the tour.  He has been a successful performer on the Nationwide Tour.

Brian Harman currently ranks as the thirty-fourth leading money winner for 2018.  He does not have any tour victories this year, but he has finished in the top ten eight times.  He has two previous PGA tour wins, one in 2014 and another in 2017, and he ranks 122nd on the all-time leading money winners list.

While there have been many great lefthanded baseball players throughout the history of the game, and many great lefthanded tennis players, there have been very few lefthanded golfers who have had any level of success on the PGA tour.  Prior to the rise of Phil Mickelson, only four lefthanded golfers had ever won a tour event.  Those four were Bob Charles, Sam Adams, Ernie Gonzalez, and Russ Cochran, and only Bob Charles ever won more than one time.

Since the success and prominence of Mickelson, other lefthanded golfers like Mike Weir, Steve Flesch, Greg Chalmers, Eric Axley, and Corey Gribble have all been tournament winners, and there are many others who have competed on the tour.  There are more lefthanded golfers on the PGA tour today than ever before, and the future looks bright for lefthanders to compete and to win more tour events soon.